Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival LLC

Here at Busy Bird we bring a lineup for everyone. From the best in traditional and progressive bluegrass to some of today's best folk and Americana bands we aim to please all of our patrons.
Top musicians from our lineup offer workshops for those who are trying to get better at their favorite instrument or just want to meet some of their favorite players.
We also offer an amazing menu of food and drink for all to enjoy. And if you like crafts we have a variety of vendors offering most anything you might want.
Event tents provide shade for your viewing pleaseure. Just bring your own chair.

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Our History

The Busy Bird Bluegrass Festival was founded in 2004 by the Kithcart family of Berkshire, NY. Beverly Kithcart (whose maiden name was Bird), a loving mother of 9 children, enjoyed attending festivals throughout her years. She had a warm personality that was liked by many, and she always had something to do to keep her busy. Her niece and nephews called her "Aunt Busy", which later led to "Busy Bird".

Beverly truly desired to have a festival of her own someday that she could share with her family. With the help of her children, her dream came true in the summer of 2004 with the then named "Busy Bird Family Bluegrass Festival."

We take pride in carrying on Busy Bird's love of music and friendship! Come help us a celebrate such a great woman's dream and see some of the best in bluegrass today.

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